Microsystems design (MEU5450)

  The design procedure of microsystems is composed of mainly two parts: 1. Process design and 2. Device design. This is one of the microsystem design courses series and will be focused on the process part. The course objectives are:

  • To gain an understanding of standard microfabrication techniques and the issues surrounding them.
  • To understand the unique requirements, environments, and applications of micromanufacturing.
  • To apply knowledge of microfabrication techniques and applications to the design and manufacturing of microsystems.
  • To be familiar with layout design CAD tools for microsystem fabrication






Microsystems mechanics (MEU6080)


   This course will be composed of basic reviews of classical mechanics and study on their applications to Microsystems. The physics and design of Microsystems will be emphasized and the related issues of mechanics and mechanical engineering will be covered. Number of case studies will be performed using the up-to-date micro devices and systems.By understanding the differences between the macro- and micro scale electromechanical systems, students will acquire the knowledge and design abilities for micro scale devices and systems as a mechanical engineer.