Mechanical system control (MEU3680)


  The course is designed to introduce students to the basics of designing and analyzing feedback control systems using classical control methods.The class will start with basic reviews of dynamic systems and modeling. Topics covered include: feedback control concepts, transfer functions, linear and nonlinear modeling, time response, block diagrams, system stability, steady–state errors, Root Locus diagrams, compensator design and Bode diagrams.


Electric circuits and electromagnetics (MEU2660)



   The course is designed to introduce students majoring in mechanical engineering basic concepts of electronics, electric circuits, electromagnetics and their applications. The course covers: Static electric fields, electric currents, magnetic fields, Maxwell equation and electromagnetic waves, electrical circuit analysis and synthesis, filters, amps, nano-photonics.



Microsystems (MEU4620)



   In order to realize various micro-structures, the students will learn basic microfabrication techniques for current semiconductor manufacturing, and micromachining for MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS). Several applications will be discussed. Also, contemporary issues of microsystem design and fabrication will be covered.

  Mechanism design (MEU2630)  


   The course introduces systematic design of mechanism, analysis and synthesis of dynamics. Also, the concept of 'degree of freedom' in mechanical system and the basic synthesis principle of mechanism satifying the requirement will be discussed. Based on the dynamic analysis of the structure, the application of sythesis and evaluation on it will be introduced, as well as the basic design principle and the analysis principle on the contact structures such as gears and CAM.